Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
Dear Reader,

I hope this message finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe. The past few months have been a testing time for the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed thousands of lives all over the world, and the idea of what ‘normalcy’ resembles – in our public and private lives – has been turned on its head. In these tumultuous times, dependable information is something all of us are looking for, to be able to comprehend and come to terms with the situation we face. The ISPP Policy Review (IPR) has been set up keeping this aim in mind, to be a platform which publishes original, thorough yet comprehensive and stimulating arguments on matters of public policy and development practice in India.
Since its launch in February 2020, the IPR team has been engaged in bringing out publications which explore riveting debates on multiple policy questions. Additionally, I am glad to inform you that we will soon be launching IPR’s very first special edition on the theme of: COVID-19: Impact and the Way Forward. The special edition would consist of publications which articulate and analyse the impact of the pandemic in India in a meticulous manner, perceiving the situation through multiple lenses. These arguments will be brought to you by enthusiastic and knowledgeable learners, policy practitioners and domain experts. Given the ever-evolving nature of the circumstances we face, it is also imperative to keep abreast of developments as they happen. For this, we will also be publishing articles and engaging with the issue through social media (you can find us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), on a weekly basis.

In the meanwhile, I take the liberty to direct you to some publications on IPR you might be interested in. While they were written prior to the pandemic, the issues at their core maintain their relevance. There is a need to revisit these issues keeping in mind the current circumstances, with an aim to tackle the root causes of the problems in how public policies are formulated and their consequent impact. Perhaps some answers are to be found in Dr. Pronab Sen’s article on Causes of the Banking Crisis, in which he argues that many of the problems the banking sector in India currently faces, arise from a fundamental change that occurred in the Indian banking sector after 2002. Ringing true for the current times, Dr. Sanjaya Baru’s article On National Power and Adaptability, makes a compelling case for redefining the perception of national security by stressing on the fact that national power is not just about having a strong and capable military, but also about economic performance and institutional and human capability.

In case you’re an audiophile, I recommend IPR’s podcast with Dr. Alexander Tabarrok on the role of incentives for political players to work towards social good, the performance of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government and the odds of a political business cycle playing out in the United States before the Presidential elections in November 2020.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations! We will be back with more, in the meanwhile we hope you stay safe and well.

On behalf of the ISPP Policy Review,

Yours Sincerely,

Shreeradha Mishra,
ISPP Policy Review