COVID-19, Urbanisation and the Role of the Draft NUP for India’s Way Forward

The Union government proposed India’s first National Urban Policy (NUP) framework in March 2018. The rationale behind the draft NUP was to frame a comprehensive national policy for India’s plans to facilitate sustainable and inclusive urbanisation. As COVID-19 tightens its grip on Indian cities and reveals fault lines in the structures of governance, the details of the draft NUP warrant a close examination in terms of what needs to be done to design cities better. In this podcast, Shreeradha Mishra, Editor-in-Chief at ISPP Policy Review discusses the salience of the draft NUP in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and explores questions on how cities can be made more inclusive for the most vulnerable, with Dr. Ravikant Joshi, Advisor at the Urban Management Centre, Ahmedabad.

This podcast has been edited by Lakshmi Ravi, with inputs from Arindam Upmanyu. 

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Dr S. S. Hastak
Dr S. S. Hastak
1 year ago

Very well said by Dr Joshi. It’s really the need of the hour especially to address challenges in post COVID era

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